A Sign? A Miracle? Roses in Winter


There are roses blooming in my home office! The story behind it is one of a last-ditch effort to save my rosebushes by digging them out of their cozy location in the back yard and bringing them into the house in pots. A risky maneuver, but I hoped for the best.

Four of them grew healthy leaves all summer, and zero roses. Not even the hint of a bud, which is rare for them. And two of them also had beautiful leaves and no flowers last year. There are a multitude of reasons for this happening, weather being a major possibility. Yet, other roses in my neighborhood were flourishing during the same time period.

I have been growing roses for nearly 20 years. I have dealt with beetles, moldy leaves, weeds that tie themselves around the roots, and, the grossest of all, white flies. But this year, I had no success with my non-bloomers. I was afraid the flowering part of them had given up.

When I first dug them up, my hope was they would live through the winter in pots in the house, and I could replant them in the yard after checking the soil and making sure every facet of their needs would be fulfilled. Then, I would hope some more.

After about five weeks in the house, every bush is blooming. Some have multiple blooms. It’s a miracle! That was my first thought.

It’s a sign! I journaled about this thought. A sign meaning what? After spending some time looking inward, I realized it was a sign that I am doing the right things. Self trust. Trusting my instincts with the roses led to a beautiful, wonder-inspiring result.

The thought, and the roses, assured me I am doing the right things in other aspects of my life. The blooms are a reminder for me to trust myself, my experience, my wisdom. I need to be patient. More rewards are on their way.

What have you noticed? Do you believe in signs and miracles? What occurrences lead you to trust yourself?

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