Conversational Insights or What I Learned from My Clients

This is the last of the Client Wisdom Blog posts. Read more about it, and learn when the new blog will debut.

A Few Do’s (Please, Please Do) of Business Development

My last blog post was about business development don’ts. Thank you for the opportunity to rant a little about the methods and techniques used in sales that annoy me, and most of us. Today is about the opposite. What kinds of approaches to developing relationships that lead to business work? When I work with clients,Continue reading “A Few Do’s (Please, Please Do) of Business Development”

Strategy + Action = Success? What’s Missing from Your Recipe?

Clients often demand, “Just tell me the steps I have to do in order to succeed!” Action is important, but is does not equal success. Read more about the recipe for success in developing business and leading successfully.

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