Conversational Insights or What I Learned from My Clients

This is the last of the Client Wisdom Blog posts. Read more about it, and learn when the new blog will debut.

My Clients Are Brilliant

Over the last several weeks, many of my clients made significant progress toward a goal. As a coach, I watch for signs of improvement. I help the client take notice of positive changes. My clients exhibited so much impressive change lately, I needed a new word to use in addition to kudos, congratulations, awesome, andContinue reading “My Clients Are Brilliant”

Bringing Home the Business: Formulas for Success

People get caught up in the algorithms, because behavior should be predictable. Is it?

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Eat the Frog, and Other Ways to Execute On Your Business Plan

A common obstacle many of the clients at MBT face is time or the perception of time. “There are not enough hours in my day to do business development!” Or, “How can I use my business development time most efficiently so I get the biggest ROI (Return on Investment)?” Clients share their thoughts about howContinue reading “Eat the Frog, and Other Ways to Execute On Your Business Plan”

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